Advanced Intellectual NetworkCITADEL

Public Foundation (Advanced Intellectual Network) AIN CITADEL was created in 2019 with the aim of implementing a number of educational and research projects.


 Aims of the AIN Citadel Fund

Expanding the intellectual, professional, ideological, and social horizons of our project participants, including those in the global cultural and scientific context.

That’s why we created an educational online platform CITADEL.ACADEMY for Central Asia countries.

We are absolutely sure that everybody in Central Asia should have a chance to get a civic education in their own languages.

The formation of (by means of promoting) a sense of tolerance for other cultures, ideas, beliefs, social groups through educational programs;

The study of hybrid wars, technologies for manipulative control of mass consciousness, the study of information security problems, and the impact of propaganda in order to develop mechanisms for protecting mass consciousness through education.

Our projects:

International independent expert media Rezonans.Asia

International educational platform Citadel.Academy

Implementation (by creating and running) an online educational and mentorship support for women in remote regions and rural areas in order to reduce poverty and ensure sustainable growth;

Preparation of high-quality analytics and by means of a think tank offer solutions and roadmaps for political, economic and social problems;

Help to consolidate and manage efforts of all parties in interest in specific issues projects.


Assol Mirmanova

Assol Mirmanova – President of the Public Foundation AIN Citadel,
the first specialist from Central Asia, accredited by the European and International Associations of political consultants,
Head of Representative Office in Central Asia of the Association of Professional Political Consultants.

Assol Mirmanova is a co-author of the book “Pioneers of Democracy – Political Consulting. Made in Europe”, published in Austria in 2021, and a member of the jury of the European Association of Political Consultants’ Polaris Awards international competition for the best political projects.


Objectives of the AIN Citadel Fund

Development and implementation of projects, initiatives and programs aimed at promoting, establishing and developing educational initiatives, social projects, humanitarian and cultural initiatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia using the latest achievements of political science, jurisprudence, economics, sociology, social psychology, informatics and other related sciences.

The prioritized objects of research of the Fund are educational opportunities; social; youth and gender policies, and its implementation and development in the Republic of Kazakhstan; issues of consolidating society and countering destructive trends through education and social, humanitarian projects; issues of Eurasian cultural integration; international cultural integration and tolerance promotion; communication with state foreign and international parliaments and other elected state and international bodies; other authorities and administration; parties and other public and non-profit organizations; economic institutions and processes; legal institutions and processes; domestic, foreign and international principles; forms and methods of forming democratic institutions; socio-political consciousness and public opinion of voters; forms, methods and principles of conducting election campaigns and referendums in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

"If we want more humanity and community in our society again, we all have to question ourselves and change our demands and our attitude from the ground up".

— Sepp Hartinger, co-founder at EAPC

First results

Our research:

In 2020, the AIN Citadel PF conducted a large-scale study in the border regions of Kazakhstan, the purpose of which was to determine the open and hidden reasons for the emigration of young people. The research covered following regions: West Kazakhstan, Aktobe; North Kazakhstan, Pavlodar and Kostanay.

As a result, new directions of youth emigration were identified. Recommendations were developed to reduce the flow and preserve the quality of human resources in Kazakhstan.

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